Alison Fern Jewellery

Jewellery Care

Alison Fern Jewellery is made to be worn and enjoyed and we want to help you to ensure that your jewellery continues to look as good as it does on the day that you purchased it. 

We thought we'd share some general tips:

DO Put your jewellery on last when dressing -hairspray, perfume and body sprays can cause your silver jewellery to tarnish.

DON’T Do the washing up - harsh chemicals can cause silver tarnish and dull the shine.  

DO Try to keep your jewellery away from any harsh cosmetics and substances where possible as including perfumes, soaps, lotions, and creams.

DON’T Use silver dip or other jewellery cleaner - they are often too harsh.

DO Hang fine chains and longer necklaces or carefully coiled them not being worn to keep them from tangling.

DON’T Throw it in your jewellery box. Keep it in a box or pouch - it will prevent scratching and slow tarnishing.

DO Use a jewellers silver cloth to remove dirt and body oils from your jewellery every time you wear it.

DO Always protect your jewellery from water, avoid knocks and scratches and long periods in direct sunlight (this will also minimise chances of your jewellery's finish eroding or tarnishing).

DO wear your jewellery!! The colour of sterling silver and gold fill in particular, becomes richer and more beautiful the more it is worn.



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