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The story

Hey there, and welcome to Alison Fern Jewellery.  I am a jewellery designer living and working in London.  All of my pieces are individually crafted by hand and in limited quantities. 

I studied Art and Design at University and originally started experimenting with making jewellery as a creative outlet while working in the Art world.  Inspired by the ever-changing and creative environment, I started to make my own mini pieces of art to wear while hanging out with friends and to the office.  

It was while working for TATE that my lovely, creative friends and colleagues became my first and loyal jewellery clients, and the seed to one day develop my own brand was planted.  After taking time out to spend time with my children, I launched my business in 2016.   

Before all of this I spent my childhood playing and dreaming by the Suffolk coastline.  It was my Mum who gave me my first beads and from there I started teaching myself new techniques and working with new materials.  

My design sensibilities swing between delicate and feminine, and then a desire for something a bit tougher and with an edge.  I hope to marry the influence of the delicate romanticism of nature and the urban and vibrant side of the city creating delicate and feminine pieces yet with a modern and bold feel.

I am influenced by high fashion but my real motivation comes from a love of creating unique yet affordable pieces inspired by and created for everyday life.  It is my belief that nice things are to be worn in the here and now and not saved for ‘best’.  I hope that when you buy a piece of my jewellery it becomes something you love, transcending fashion and playing a part in telling the story of who you are.  

I use quality materials such as 14k gold fill and sterling silver because I want it to look expensive, albeit wearable and low-key, and be a lasting investment.  Some designs are simple enough for the jewellery to be mixed and layered, yet striking enough to be worn alone; either way creating a look unique to the wearer.  This is 'Demi-fine' jewellery; accessible luxury made especially for you.   

The spirit of my jewellery is intended to encompass sophistication and elegance with quality and individuality.  Whether choosing one of the dainty pieces or a bolder design..... 

The signature style is always delicious and always refined.  Elegant with a tiny helping of edge and carefully handcrafted in the London studio.        

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